Transformation Diagnostic

Has your shift from on-premises solutions stalled? Do you have what it takes to grow cloud revenue?

How a Transformation Diagnostic Produces Results

By David H. Deans

The B2B SaaS industry is growing rapidly, with businesses of all sizes looking to adopt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. This growth has created a number of challenges for IT and software vendor chief marketing officers (CMOs), and chief sales officers (CSO), who are tasked with market development and revenue growth.

One of the biggest challenges facing these leaders is a low-performance Go-to-Market (GTM) approach. Why? Many tech vendors still use outdated lead generation methods, such as product-centered collateral, email marketing, and sales cold calling. They can't achieve key decision maker engagement - with the customer Line of Business leader.

GTM Effectiveness Transformation

In addition, vendors use obsolete tools and processes to track and measure the effectiveness of their GTM efforts.

Another challenge facing leaders is the tech stack. Many use a patchwork of disjointed platforms to manage their marketing, sales, and customer success efforts. Tracking and measuring GTM growth results is problematic.

Some are even tracking the wrong metrics, or they aren't tracking metrics consistently. All of this dysfunction makes it very difficult for these leaders to make informed decisions about their GTM methods and associated results.

In contrast, a few savvy vendors invest the time and effort to positively transform their legacy GTM approach.

Key Steps in the GTM Resolution Process

There are several steps that wise leaders can take to resolve key challenges and improve desired outcomes.

By enacting a bold diagnostic program, forward-thinking leaders will resolve roadblocks that limit their market development performance. Thereby, compete and win in the growing business-to-business SaaS solutions arena.

How GeoActive Group Can Help You Transform

We specialize in helping B2B SaaS providers achieve their business goals. We have a wealth of experience in the software and services sector, and we have enabled vendors to overcome challenges and achieve digital growth.

We offer proven transformation consulting services, including:

If you're leading a B2B SaaS provider who is seeking practical help to overcome these challenges, then we encourage you to contact us. Let's discuss your immediate transition needs, and explore a new approach to achieve results.