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Technology, Media and Telecom Marketing Practitioners

How do you hire the best B2B marketing talent? Seek insightful answers to all your tough questions.

GeoActive Group has served the needs of our diverse customers in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors since 2002 -- actively helping them to attain their strategic goals for profitable market development.

Find out how critical thinking, and leadership through meaningful marketing research -- and above all, our passion for strategic marketing communications -- have made us the preferred digital business transformation go-to-market partner that we are today.

Our Heritage

Our founder, David H. Deans, uncovered the need and growing demand for a forward-thinking professional services company that specializes in strategic market development for the evolving Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries.

During three decades of experience -- including working at start-ups, mid-sized businesses and large multinational companies -- he participated in numerous product development projects and associated international launch campaigns.

As a result of witnessing several noteworthy marketing successes, and an even greater number of lost opportunities, he applied those lessons-learned to formulate a methodology for how to approach the most demanding market development challenges -- specifically within the Technology, Media and Telecom domains.

Our Research

Commercial Storytelling challenges can vary — sometimes dramatically — depending upon the technical complexity of the industry. As an example, in the high-tech sector, it’s difficult to create the most compelling messaging and editorial without prior deep-domain expertise.

Therefore, broadly experienced people who are multifaceted tend to make the best business strategists and commercial content authors. However, finding qualified staff is very problematic — because the sales and marketing Digital Polymath talent puddle is so shallow. Moreover, we envision a new leadership role to drive value creation; the GenAI Polymath who is uniquely skilled in Generative AI.

Our Guidance

What’s the solution to these challenges and opportunities?

Create a talent development culture around Story-Driven B2B Marketing.

In the tech vendor sector, companies that are attempting to make the transition to brand journalism need to develop a talent mentoring and coaching program, to increase their thought leadership bench strength among their recognized internal subject-matter experts.

They must also create recognition and rewards for people who invest the time and effort to become multifaceted contributors. Why? Employee behaviors change when job performance appraisals acknowledge the value of this quality in their organization's culture.

Our Offering

If your marketing organization is populated with managers who have outsourced much of their primary roles to agencies and contractors, then we can help. We can demonstrate how we've raised the bar of expectations within organizations just like yours. Our work includes skills and knowledge transfer.

We'll enable you to regain lost momentum and harness untapped opportunities -- with a re-energized talent pool of savvy marketing practitioners who are appropriately qualified and skilled for the Digital Business Growth era of today.

You can count on us for an informed in-depth assessment of your team and their current capabilities -- including candid feedback and actionable recommendations that you can apply quickly and decisively. 

We can also show you how to execute the best plan of action, maximizing overall effectiveness, within your budget limitations. Plus, we'll share actionable use cases for Generative AI apps in the C-suite.

But you'll need a sustainable and lasting solution to the digital marketing challenges and opportunities that we will uncover. You must move beyond the short-term 'campaign thinking' that handicaps your strategic communication progress. That's why we provide one-on-one personalized mentoring -- so that your most receptive and promising marketing talent are inspired and coached to reach their full potential.

Our Commitment to You

We're dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers. We offer a unique blended methodology of strategic wisdom and tactical street smarts that are applied to your marketing requirements and sales-related growth objectives.

That being said, we will enable you to convert our empirical research-based guidance into informed project execution and thereby attain the desired business outcomes and measurable results. We're ready to help you launch new markets and develop those that already form the foundation of your business.

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