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What are the Future of Work (FoW) best practices? How can a digital workspace strategy enable growth?

The Future of Work Innovation in Action

By David H. Deans

The Future of Work is a forward-looking business model for how work activities, employees and other workers, plus the workplace will change and evolve in the years to come. It's no surprise that the global COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way many people now choose to work.

It's also the way highly-skilled professionals think about their work and the workplace. The emerging Future of Work trends -- such as flexible hybrid and remote work -- were adopted all around the world. And now, after several years of unprecedented disruption, 83 percent of workers say they prefer the hybrid work model.

In addition, 75 percent of hybrid or remote knowledge workers and skilled front-line employees say their expectations for working flexibly have increased, and 4 out of 10 employees might leave their current employer if forced to return to an obsolete traditional office environment.

Digital Workspace Solutions

Meeting today’s discerning and independent employee needs with legacy business technology is no longer acceptable. Savvy organization leaders will adapt to the flexibility needs and wants of high-performance talent. It's a proven way to attract and retain individuals with in-demand skills within a distributed workforce model.

Management consultants, global systems integrators and IT vendors that traditionally offered solutions -- including human resource professional services, intranet portals, virtual desktop computing, content service platforms, and other enterprise applications -- are using those capabilities in new ways to create Intelligent Digital Workspaces.

These new and enhanced workspace solutions use analytics and artificial intelligence to secure access to federated applications, plus enterprise data, content assets, and professional collaborators that will adapt to digital business growth requirements.

These solutions enable staff to securely complete tasks from any location while minimizing context switching and providing a superior employee experience. Moreover, they create an opportunity to redefine enterprise knowledge management via the application of AI-enabled Expertise Networks

The Future of Work: Embracing Borderless Talent

The world of work is constantly evolving, and one of the most significant changes is the rise of Borderless Talent initiatives. With advances in technology and global connectivity, organizations are no longer limited to hiring local talent within their geographical borders.

Instead, they have access to a global pool of skilled and experienced individuals who can work remotely or relocate to fill crucial digital business positions.

This is the foundation of an emerging Global Networked Economy.

The Benefits of Borderless Talent

Strategies for Embracing Borderless Talent

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