B2B SaaS Go-to-Market

What is B2B SaaS Go-To-Market strategy? What are the benefits of B2B SaaS business outcome marketing?

Drive Your B2B SaaS Success with an Outcome-Centric Approach

By David H. Deans

Are you an IT vendor looking to thrive in the rapidly growing world of subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models? The rise of cloud computing and customer demand for business agility has fueled this growth, creating a need for leaders to adapt their sales and marketing strategies. It's time to build a new competitive advantage and embrace change management best practices.

It's time to evolve without fear.

Be bold, be brave, and become remarkable. Don't settle for merely leading a product category. In a marketplace of bland product sameness and copycat service offerings, there's a huge untapped opportunity for those who dare to Lead a Movement that can ignite and nurture positive human emotions.

Prepare to Empower the C-Suite: Key Decision Makers

Always begin with your end goal in mind. Selling to the C-suite is difficult because senior executives are busy, have a lot of demands on their time, and are often skeptical of vendor salespeople. They focus on outcomes and want to explore how your proposed solution can help them achieve their priorities and associated goals. That's why successful IT vendors align with their customer's strategic imperatives.

Do the research. Before they even reach out to a C-level executive, successful IT vendors invest the time to learn as much as they can about the company, the executive's role, and the executive's challenges or opportunities. This shows that they are serious about the relationship and that they have something valuable to offer.

Tailor the offer. Once they understand the executive's needs, successful IT vendors customize their message to focus on how their product or service can help the executive achieve their goals. They avoid talking about the benefits of features and functions. Instead, they articulate value creation.

Be credible. C-level executives need to be confident that they can trust the IT vendor they are considering. Successful IT vendors build credibility by demonstrating their expertise, experience, and business value. They provide insightful outcome-oriented case studies from relevant customers.

Be patient. It takes time to build a relationship with a C-level executive. Successful IT vendors are patient and persistent. They don't give up after one meeting or one rejection. They continue to reach out, slowly build rapport, and provide helpful guidance until the executive is ready to buy.

Acknowledge the Line of Business Leader's Influence

In today's landscape, Line of Business (LOB) leaders hold significant influence over B2B SaaS procurement decisions. To succeed, IT vendors must understand this shift and adapt their sales and marketing programs accordingly. It's crucial to focus on delivering customer business outcomes rather than just selling products or services.

Embrace an Outcome-Centric Market Development Approach

The allure of software subscription and pay-as-you-go models is undeniable for business leaders, including CEOs and CFOs. B2B SaaS offers an attractive alternative to traditional capital investments in hardware or software infrastructure. To become B2B SaaS champions, IT vendors must adopt a buyer's journey perspective that extends beyond the initial purchase.

Key Growth Drivers: ARR, Customer Success, and Value Creation

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) serves as the primary performance metric for B2B SaaS providers. Achieving growth requires focusing on three key drivers: customer acquisition, retention, and expansion of use cases through cross-selling or up-selling. Legacy IT vendors previously prioritized annual software license deals, but now they emphasize initial solution retention and additional use case expansion for sustainable growth.

Customer Success (CS) teams play a vital role in B2B SaaS organizations. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) employ best practices to drive user adoption and ongoing consumption of applications, creating business value for customers.

Deliver Compelling Customer Experiences with Value Realization

As B2B SaaS providers deploy more use cases, they must deliver exceptional customer experiences that simplify adoption, drive Value Realization, and support Net Revenue Retention (NRR) growth. Leading B2B market players excel in offering comprehensive 360-degree Customer Success capabilities. These encompass business case advisory services, user onboarding, application implementation, team training, certification, coaching, and user support, all aimed at achieving desired business outcomes.

How to Restructure Your Go-to-Market Methodology

To navigate the evolving B2B SaaS landscape, it's crucial to assemble a team of experienced subject-matter experts. This team should include internal sales and marketing champions, as well as external consultants who serve as independent trusted advisors. Their cloud and SaaS expertise will guide your organization in rethinking your go-to-market strategy, enabling you to drive growth and ongoing value realization.

How to Communicate Qualitative Business Value

While Return on Investment (ROI) calculators have their place, it's essential to go beyond mere numbers. True communication of business value requires creating a compelling qualitative story that resonates with senior decision-makers. By mastering this art, you can effectively convey the business impact that your solutions have on desired outcomes.

B2B SaaS Value Creation Consulting Services 

We specialize in helping software vendors and other market stakeholders unlock the full potential of their solutions. We help you identify the unique Value Proposition of your offering, and then communicate that via Commercial Storytelling. We enable you to engage the technical influencers and the business decision-makers.

Our B2B SaaS Value Creation benefits include:

Explore our proven B2B SaaS GTM Blueprint for a successful Go-to-Market development plan outcome.

These lessons learned and associated best practices are from my digital growth leadership roles at VMware, Citrix, IBM, Red Hat and Cisco Systems. I'm committed to helping you achieve your B2B SaaS revenue growth goals. We'll work closely with you to understand your specific situation and develop a customized GTM strategy.

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