Frequently Asked Questions

GeoActive Group: Frequently Asked Questions

Review our answers to frequently asked questions to help you determine if we're a potential fit for your project. When you work with us, you will receive the full attention of our principal consultant and founder, David H. Deans.

Consulting and Advisory Services

What is your primary expertise?

Product & Service Market Development, Buyer & Sales Enablement, Client Advocacy via Storytelling.

What is it that you do for TMT stakeholders?

I help senior B2B buyers find the information and guidance they need to purchase complex IT products and services, enabling them to achieve their Digital Business Transformation objectives. I also offer other services.

How is that different from other consulting firms?

I provide market intelligence and analysis to help my client's CMO or CRO answer the "so what"​ questions that customers have about their offerings. I enable B2B marketers to craft a distinctive brand voice and thought leadership narrative -- so they can become remarkable and influential opinion leaders.

How will you address my specific needs and wants?

You share with me what you need or want, and I'll ask you lots of questions. Then I'll do some research about your business to see if there is a fit between my skills and experience and the desired business outcome you seek.

How can I be sure that you will deliver the results I need?

You can't be certain, but you can easily find out about prior results by performing online research. What I do for my clients is often public knowledge - 'Google Search' me; I'm an accomplished digital marketing practitioner.

How do we get started; is there a fee for the initial consultation?

Reach out to me. There is no charge for a brief chat to discuss your needs. If you and I determine that there is a fit, then we can discuss compensation. Before I start, I will provide a 'statement of work' that will outline the fee(s) for your project. If you prefer, we can negotiate the terms for a monthly retainer fee.

Example Interim Consultant Fee Structure

Digital Growth Management - $4,500/month

Exec Content Development - $3,500/month

Growth Skills Coaching - $2,500/month

C-suite Sales Coaching - $2,500/month

Gen AI Prompt Skills - $2,500/month