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GeoActive Group is an established advisory consultant, providing the highest caliber strategic advice to our global client base -- encompassing multinational corporations, start-up entrepreneurs, private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, M&A investment banking executives and private investors.

Our insight and guidance are based upon the practical experience of working with a variety of organizations. We can share qualitative and quantitative research findings that are gleaned from our current and prior client projects.

We are committed to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, to share our market insight with their clients -- providing them with the expert perspectives they need to make faster and more informed decisions. We welcome inquires from potential business partners or directly from clients.

We are active members of the Technology Media & Telecom Council (Gerson Lehrman Group), Primary Insight (Bear Stearns), Guidepoint Global (Standard & Poor's), WSJ Opinion Leader (Dow Jones) and the Maven Research subject matter expert advisory services.

Worldwide Reach: expert consultation

Gerson Lehrman Group - The GLG Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice provides access to a global network of over 40,000 industry professionals across the semiconductor, hardware, software, wireline or wireless communications, and media or entertainment industries.

Primary Insight - Primary Insight's international network consists of contributors in multiple industries including healthcare, technology, media, telecom, energy, basic materials, industrials, retail, and business services.

Guidepoint Global - Guidepoint Global Advisors is an international network of industry professionals who provide consulting services to business decision-makers and leading investors from around the world.

Dow Jones - WSJ Opinion Leaders are both highly influential and knowledgeable. Contributors providing valuable thoughts and insights about current issues and topics to the editors of The Wall Street Journal.

Maven - Maven Research manages a global network of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who connect and share their knowledge with others via their Global Knowledge Marketplace.

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