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How to Hire a B2B Ghostwriter

Marketing and selling complex products and services in a competitive marketplace is easier said than done. How can a vendor or service provider engage a prospective customer who is indifferent to their brand? They say something that's remarkable. How do you, as a senior executive, create an engaging and compelling story? If you're wise, then you hire an executive ghostwriter and keynote storyteller that has a proven track record of performing the research, developing the strategy and authoring a highly customized narrative.

A skilled and experienced executive ghostwriter plays an essential role in helping their client demonstrate their thought leadership in a meaningful and substantive way. While business leaders want to articulate a scenario that describes a series of events that concludes with their company providing the best solution and closing a new sale, they encounter many obstacles that inhibit progress.

They typically can't find the time or they don't have the internal resources to research the situation analysis of a target market, develop a cohesive offering strategy and then outline the steps within the buyer's journey that enables a client to achieve their desired business outcome. If you want to become an authority in your chosen markets, then you must choose to invest your budget in producing a differentiated narrative that can become the foundation for your go-to-market success. You have to be bold, be brave. Dare to be different.

That said, freelance writers who don't have relevant domain knowledge -- e.g. the marketplace, the buyer personas and their needs and wants -- will find it very difficult to produce a deliverable to your satisfaction. Factor in a requirement that they must have prior knowledge of your complex technology, or the ability to quickly attain that insight, and you've essentially defined a predictable path to disappointment and wasted effort.

B2B Executive Ghostwriting Lessons-Learned

There's a better approach. It's a proven co-creation methodology - where we create and innovate, together. We can show you examples of our client's results. Plus, our narrative development and editing work is often just the beginning of a successful partnership. We will demonstrate how we've applied our online authority and industry influence to enable our client's content to reach its target audience via search engine optimization and social media amplification.

In addition to our executive ghostwriting services, we can also coach you and your team to learn and apply the skills required to produce outstanding content -- including emails, blog posts, long-form editorials, white papers, podcast or video scripts and other multimedia presentation formats.

Executive Keynote Storytelling Experience

Imagine this scenario. Your organization has a very talented and skilled engineering or developer team with a track record of producing outstanding technology based upon the needs and wants of customers. Your product or service offering is superior to your typical competitor in the marketplace. That said, your target audience of key decision makers are focused on their aspiration to achieve a desired business outcome. Storytelling is the proven way to connect your offering to their outcome.

There's an art and a science to effective keynote presentations and overarching meta-narratives. We can show you how to start with an outside-in perspective, where you see the potential from your customer's point of view. Whether you're addressing challenges or opportunities via your offering's storyline, we can help you translate your core competency into something your buyers will care about -- at an emotional and intellectual level.

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