Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)

Future of Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Markets

Who are the major players in the TMT sector? What are the latest trends in the sector? And what are the growth opportunities?

Digital Transformation of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

For more than two decades, we've reviewed a broad cross-section of market research studies. We select summaries of those reports that provide the most thought-provoking insights about the many disruptive changes shaping free-market competition within the Global Networked Economy.

The closely related Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industries are already undergoing a transformation -- as innovative products or services are developed by collaborative teams of creative contributors and brought to market at an accelerated rate.

The combined Technology, Media and Telecom market size is currently estimated at $5.1 trillion -- with the communications sector consisting of about a quarter of that total.

About two billion people -- or one-third of the world’s population -- are currently online. About 1.5 billion personal computers are currently in use. The next billion people who want to access the Internet will likely use a mobile device, for economic reasons – such as a smartphone or a low-cost media tablet.

Open Innovation

Across each business sector, the incumbent company's prior legacy leadership is now being challenged by a multitude of new market entrants -- as previously protected closed value-chains and artificial restraint-of-trade practices are being bypassed.

The resulting market freedom enables an unprecedented opportunity for those entrepreneurial pioneers who dare to experiment with new business models and associated forward-looking market development processes.

The legacy vendors and service providers are not excluded from this activity. In fact, they often have a competitive advantage, because they can easily build upon their existing infrastructure and market presence.

Competitive Bravery

However, history has taught us that it's significantly more difficult to unlearn familiar old -- and often dysfunctional -- ways of doing business than it is to learn the new ways of a commercial meritocracy.

That's one reason why the old-style industrial economy incumbents prefer to inhibit true free-market progress, rather than disrupt the restrictive status quo within a protected market. Embracing change requires imagination and courage.

TMT Investments

Today, more investors and traders are able to make better decisions with up-to-date Technology, Media and Telecoms sector investment banking market data, historical trend research, financial analysis, or the outlook for mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Deloitte predicts that the total value of TMT asset divestitures in 2023 could expand by 25–50 percent year-over-year to range from $250–300 billion, well above the $244 billion average for the period 2016–2020. Meanwhile, the role of venture capital and private equity investment in TMT deals is evolving. That's why CFO and analyst presentations at TMT conference proceedings often drive TMT event news coverage.

Technology, Media and Telecom Trends

The latest market trends highlight the increasing influence of technology in just about everything. In fact, senior executives in various industries have been under pressure to incorporate digital transformation projects, in order to survive and prosper in the evolving global marketplace.

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