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What are the benefits of B2B content marketing? How do you choose a subject matter expert?

Content Marketing Strategy in Action

By David H. Deans

Why should I continue to invest in advertising, when I know that the return is consistently very low? That’s a question savvy executives ask themselves. Moreover, the promise of social media marketing has left many equally underwhelmed with the results. But what’s the alternative?

You could invest your limited budget more wisely – on Curated Content Marketing. You can demonstrate that you're more than a mere brand expert - by becoming an industry authority and recognized thought-leader that shares an informed perspective.

How Savvy Marketers Have Evolved

Traditional content marketing is a term that includes all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential customers. Content marketing strategy is based upon the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to your target stakeholder drives profitable action.

That’s the theory. In practice, few marketers actually utilize the methodology. Why? Creating their own thought leadership point-of-view and associated substantive content is difficult at best and nearly impossible for many companies.

The underlying challenge is twofold – first, finding thought-leaders that have something remarkable to share; second, devoting the time to create compelling content that stakeholders truly need or want. Even if these problems are overcome, the requirement to produce fresh content, on a regular basis, is still overwhelming.

A proven solution is to curate content from third-parties, and blend it with your own -- into an integrated stream of insightful editorials.

When to Publish High-Quality Content

Curated Content Marketing strategy is the emerging trend of publishing a mix of targeted high-quality multimedia content, using a combination of automated online processes and human editor talent. Once you have mastered this methodology, then you'll have joined the ranks of today's most advanced content strategy practitioners.

The basic principles include: Aggregation (gathering) and Curation (sorting, categorizing, arranging); Formatting, Design and Presentation (publishing and syndication) so that material combined from multiple sources creates a unique editorial experience.

Skills required to produce an engaging ongoing narrative include: domain and subject-matter expertise, digital storytelling experience, data visualization (e.g. infographics), multimedia authorship and editing, use of online self-publishing platforms, search engine optimization techniques, and lastly social media propagation to ensure consumption.

Where to Attain the Most Impact

Learn how to harvest trending topics to supplement your own content with fresh editorial that can energize your audience and drive social sharing. We can show you how to publish and reuse high-quality curated content within your websites, microsites, email newsletters, mobile alerts, tablet apps, and social updates.

Armed with our market insights and proven guidance, you can discover how to fine tune your content marketing strategies and measure how adjustments to your publishing stream will help you meet your business growth goals and objectives.

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