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Marketing and business development processes are rapidly changing -- for the better. In the book entitled "Making Meaning" the authors chart the evolution of innovation relative to customer demand.

Three eras of corporate narrative development were defined as: 1900s Product Focus, 1950s Brand Focus, and today's Experience Focus.

Leading companies have evolved beyond the product and brand focus that has proven ineffectual with today's prospective customer. They now create more value, and achieve lasting strategic advantage, by delivering a meaningful and compelling customer experience.

Lessons Learned: positive first impression

Our checklist entitled "Twenty-First Century Marketing Communications" describes how to assess your ongoing transformation from a predictable monologue to an engaging dialog. You can differentiate your company by applying unique thought-leadership within your marketing copy.

We created the Digital Marketing Journal to share our latest empirical research findings. It's all about the exploration of practical and purposeful B2B content marketing. Discover what's most effective and why it requires bold new ideas.

Our Ideas in Action series -- a blueprint of guiding principles -- offers unique insights into the latest research, strategy, content marketing, demand stimulation and customer engagement practices.

Our Book Reviews offer insights on related topics -- so you can become an influencer, promote your thought leaders, provide guidance and gain valuable intelligence from your key stakeholders.

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