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Effective segmentation and value proposition analysis will reveal both significant opportunity and potentially wasted efforts. Understanding the problematic tasks that customers are trying to improve is the first step in the process.

When a customer selects a product they use metrics -- measures of benefit value -- to define what's important to them. We use a systematic four-step progression -- collecting application information as use-case scenarios, choosing segmentation variables, then creating buyer persona profiles.

Focused segmentation is proven to identify market entry points for disruptive technology, and can advance the development of tangible applications -- for user adoption and market penetration.

Commercial Ethnography: social anthropology

GeoActive Group is a professional services company that specializes in market development. Offering a unique blended methodology of strategic wisdom and tactical street smarts, we enable you to convert our empirical research-based guidance into measurable results utilizing Agile methodologies and Design Thinking.

Read Our Story, to learn more about what we can do for you. We'll study your business environment, assess the options and make recommendations that fit your need to evolve.

We're monitoring the global networked economy, on the lookout for market shifts and changes that create a window of opportunity for our customers. See for yourself.

We publish the Transmedia Newswire, Digital Lifescapes, Business Technology Roundtable and Digital Polymath sites to provide insightful news and commentary on the latest Technology, Media and Telecom Marketing research from the leading global industry analysts.

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