CEO GenAI Playbook

The Generative AI Polymath Playbook for CEOs

By David H. Deans

New dynamic leadership is becoming an increasingly valuable asset for organizations seeking to leverage the power of Generative AI (GenAI) for sustainable digital growth and strategic advantage.

This playbook outlines a recommended approach for CEOs to integrate a new GenAI Polymath into their organization during the first 90 days of their assignment. It is structured around three key phases:

Phase 1: Onboarding (Days 1-30)

Objective: Facilitate a smooth transition for the GenAI Polymath and equip them with the necessary foundational goals, objectives, and leadership agenda knowledge to begin contributing effectively.

Phase 2: Integration (Days 31-60)

Objective: Enable the GenAI Polymath to begin applying their expertise to address specific business challenges and strategic growth opportunities.

Phase 3: Acceleration (Days 61-90)

Objective: Empower the GenAI Polymath to take ownership of their role and drive strategic GenAI initiatives within the organization.

Conclusion: Pave the Path to Success

By effectively integrating a GenAI Polymath into your organization and providing them with the necessary support and opportunities, you can unlock the transformative potential of Generative AI tools and gain a significant competitive advantage in the specific target industry and overall global marketplace.

That said, first you'll need to answer this key question: can I upskill an existing member of our executive team to effectively fill this important new role, or do I need to recruit new talent? Think through this key decision very carefully. Industry domain knowledge may be equally essential as AI technical skills.

Additional Considerations

By following these recommendations and tailoring them to the specific needs of their organization, you can empower your chosen GenAI Polymath to become a catalyst for bold digital transformation and achieve predictable and sustainable digital business growth goals.

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