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Marketers typically segment their customers using very broad demographic criteria. This routine analysis can help to tailor new offerings. However, few develop their segmentation based upon an assessment of customer needs, and so their product-centered view obstructs the buyer's journey.

High-tech companies have an even greater challenge, since they're often technology centered. While some early-adopters may be engaged by vague digital product launch scenarios and minimal guidance or support, many mainstream customers will feel misled, neglected or completely ignored.

Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) marketers must evolve. Narrowly targeting customers with relevant offers, via their preferred channels, is most effective and most rewarding. We practice an applied-science research technique that will identify real demand, best-fit solution fulfillment, and product applications with clarity and imagination.

Once the targeted offers are developed and perfected, then content marketing and online syndication methods are used to create influencer engagement and exponential reach that increases buyer-centric messaging exposure. Besides, share of voice quality trumps quantity.

Useful and interesting content will stand-out. Your customers want to educate themselves about all viable offerings in the marketplace, before they engage with a salesperson. In fact, we know that 68 percent of B2B buyer information gathering occurs before they reach out to vendors -- that's why organic search ranking is so important.

Smart vendors are truly extraordinary. Those few marketers that dare to be remarkable will achieve the highest rewards. They will champion a movement and tell the most insightful personal stories -- distancing themselves from the herd of bland competitors that still engage in trivial advertising. Be bold, brave and become influential.

If you're a CMO leading Mobile, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Software or IT Security market development projects, we can help you quickly achieve your digital marketing goals and objectives via an agile approach to growth hacking.

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