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Technology, Media and Telecom Market Research

Market research is any effort to gather information about target markets and associated stakeholders. It's a very important component of business strategy development. We're actively studying emerging technology research and development (R&D) trends within the Global Networked Economy. Each topic is reviewed from a human factors and usability perspective -- within the context of end-to-end product or service lifecycles.

We utilize an approach that enables global telecom network service providers, hardware manufacturers, systems integrators and software developers to evaluate the adoption potential of a new technology -- so you can incorporate validated requirements within your design process.

Digital Transformation is about the three stages of embracing these nascent technologies -- digital literacy, digital competence and digital mastery. Digital Business Transformation requires you to enable new forms of innovation and creativity, with the intent to achieve highly disruptive commercial outcomes.

Current Research: use case prototypes

  • Social Media (Multimedia, Mash-ups)
  • Transmedia (Multi-Platform Storytelling)
  • Unified Messaging (Voice, Email, IM Chat)
  • Presence/Proximity Detection (RFID & GPS)
  • Mobile Ecosystem VAS (SMS, IM, Web, Apps)
  • Digital Signage (P2P Content Delivery Networks)
  • Wi-Fi Public Hotspots (Open Wireless Broadband)
  • Wireless Mesh Networks (Wi-Fi & WiMAX Integration)
  • Social Networking Software (Community Development)
  • Peer Group Application Support (Customer Corps Model)
  • Collaborative Micro-Publishing (Wiki, Blog, Video, Podcast)
  • Interactive Digital Media Creation Tools (Prosumer Services)
  • Digital Content Funding Models (Advertising and Sponsorship)

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Technology, Media, Telecommunications, TMT