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Social Media Marketing – Community Conversations

Potential buyers of your products and services are online. They're actively connecting, communicating and collaborating with each other. It's the personalized marketing era of social networking.

Social media platforms are combinations of Web-based collaborative tools used for sharing and discussing ideas or information among people who are members of a "community of interest."

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Digital media productions of text, image, audio and video assets can be presented in many different formats on these platforms, with one primary purpose -- engaging others to participate.

Social media development involves activities that incorporate authoring and editing content, rich media publication, distribution or syndication of content and related online social interactivity.

Interaction depends on the varied perspectives derived from shared meaning, as people contribute their own thoughts and experiences. Social media marketing is the process of offering substantive, authentic and relevant stories that others will embrace. Propagation occurs via word-of-mouth.

A Digital Marketing Portal aggregates your media assets and network connections. Now stakeholders can discover what you create. Also, you must proactively share your best narrative, in places where your stakeholders already congregate. Exposure is essential to content marketing.

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