Microsite Projects - Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing is a proven method to attract visitors. We've created the GeoActive Microsite Network -- where each site is a starting point, to enable the discovery of resources for a common cause.

Economic TeleDevelopment Forum -- Discover thought-provoking ideas, and commentary on the interdependent relationship between telecom infrastructure investment and sustainable communities.

GeoBridge -- Learn about new online collaboration platforms and associated software tools that enable the launch of a commerce-oriented peer-to-peer global business connections network.

Retail Nation -- A portal enabling the investigation of global sources of relevant news, market data, research and applied knowledge about the retail sector -- with an emphasis on in-store technology.

GeoNetworker -- Envision secure enterprise talent networking that enables expert resource discovery, and personal introductions that result in ongoing skills or knowledge transfer.

GeoUpside -- Categorizing global sources of relevant news, information, and applied knowledge for CIOs seeking alignment with the needs of their internal business clients.

GeoBrava Media -- An exploration of digital multimedia content creation, independent music and video distribution, plus social media network promotion and syndication.

IP Video Curator -- How to discover, watch and share over-the-top on-demand video content and live broadcast IP TV -- on your PC or connected television set.

Digital Marketing Journal -- B2B content marketing exploration for skilled practitioners.

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