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Creating and delivering an engaging or remarkable customer experience may seem like an esoteric notion that is difficult to apply in practice. It isn’t, when you know how to conceptualize.

If you innovate with an awareness of what is truly meaningful -- relative to your customer’s lifestyle and interests persona -- then your products and services will become highly relevant.

Vivid graphics and photography can stimulate your customer's imagination. The execution of transmedia production techniques weaves together diverse interconnected storylines, across multiple media, as parts of an overarching narrative structure.

Experience Models: interactive apps

Designing a distinct customer experience layer -- that's focused on the interests of users -- can be applied to create an adaptive usability model. See examples of our microsite projects in action.

Case Study: Dell Idea Storm -- How do you evolve when customer service and technical support isn’t fully meeting the diverse needs of your customers? The Dell Customer Corps concept is an approach that is centered upon tapping into the existing customer talent pool.

Case Study: Cisco Connected Life -- Can you create a digital media service delivery platform that benefits from the media fragmentation trend and improves personalization? Cisco Digital Lifescapes is a unique concept that inverts the requirement to "search" for content.

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