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   Technology, Media and Telecom Market Research

We're studying emerging technology developments and trends. Each topic is reviewed from a human factors and usability perspective -- within the context of end-to-end product or service lifecycles.

We utilize an approach that enables network service providers, semiconductor or device manufacturers, systems integrators and software developers to evaluate the adoption potential of a new technology -- so you can incorporate validated requirements within your design process.

Current Research: use case prototypes

  • Social Media (Multimedia, Mash-ups)
  • Transmedia (Multi-Platform Storytelling)
  • Unified Messaging (Voice, Email, IM Chat)
  • Presence/Proximity Detection (RFID & GPS)
  • Mobile Ecosystem VAS (SMS, IM, Web, Apps)
  • Digital Signage (P2P Content Delivery Networks)
  • Wi-Fi Public Hotspots (Open Wireless Broadband)
  • Wireless Mesh Networks (Wi-Fi & WiMAX Integration)
  • Social Networking Software (Community Development)
  • Peer Group Application Support (Customer Corps Model)
  • Collaborative Micro-Publishing (Wiki, Blog, Video, Podcast)
  • Interactive Digital Media Creation Tools (Prosumer Services)
  • Digital Content Funding Models (Advertising and Sponsorship)

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Technology, Media, Telecommunications, TMT, Digital Marketing