Technology, Media and Telecom Market Analysis
Customers on the receiving end of typical marketing campaigns are demanding a change. They crave a product vendor or service provider that takes the time and effort to understand their needs. They insist that potential suppliers must listen better, and then respond thoughtfully.

One-size-fits-all marketing practices clearly fit nobody in particular. Legacy mass-marketing is a lazy marketer's approach to the apparent segmentation challenges of today's fragmented marketplace.
Stakeholder personalization requirements are reshaping the technology, media and telecom sector. The challenge is to offer meaningful and substantive points of engagement for each persona that would enable you to capture market insights.

Adaptive Customization: the power of persona targeting

Sales and support people on the front-line -- that assume the role of customer advocates -- are equally disappointed by the obvious shortcomings of marketer's myopic market perspectives. In the absence of truly targeted offers, a sales team must attempt to fill the customization gap.

Technology-oriented product designers and service developers are far removed from the customers that they should satisfy. They must rely on the marketing organization to gather insight -- to describe user requirements -- and thereby ensure that real needs will be addressed.

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